Freelance Barber Insurance

You are a barber who is providing a great service to your customers and you are renting a chair in a barber shop, so do you need to think about freelance barber insurance?

The answer is yes, and in areas you may not have considered before. We can offer a bespoke freelance barber insurance solution for you. It allows you to select the covers that you need, tailored to your requirements.

What benefits are available?

There is a mix of standard covers and optional covers, so you can tailor the freelance barber insurance policy to what you need.

Standard Covers

Public Liability Insurance
Unfortunately accidents do happen to people or property which you may responsible for. This policy provides a limit of indemnity of £2 million just in case the unexpected happens. There is also an option to increase the limit to £5 million.

In addition to the standard cover, we can offer a variety of additional optional covers, which truly provides a bespoke freelance barber insurance solution for you.

Optional Covers

Personal Income Protection Insurance
If you fall ill or suffer an accident this cover will replace your income.
Starting at just £7 per week this will cover your entire working career and give you a guaranteed monthly benefit.

Treatment Risk
While we understand that you and your staff provide a professional service to your customers, occasionally things can go wrong. This extension provides cover for liability arising out of your work carried out on customers.

Tools of the Trade
We know that the equipment you own and use in the barber shop is a big part of your professional service as a barber, so this optional cover means you can have cover for the equipment for fire, theft, flood and other incidents. You can choose the sum insured for the cost of replacing your ‘tools of the trade’.

Employers’ Liability Insurance
If you do expand and rent more than one chair, and have someone working for you, you have a legal responsibility to provide protection for your employees, and this cover can be added to the policy with a £10m limit of indemnity.

These are a few of the optional covers available and we would recommend discussing your specific needs with one of our experienced advisors so the freelance barber insurance policy can be fully tailored to your requirements, to make it a cut above the rest!